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Active assistance in areas of war or disaster means: Taking care of the people without questioning their origin, religion or their political conviction. A desirable ambition is, to make the people take the law into one’s hands. there is no finished concept, that will be presented to the concerned people, but a helping hand that will allow them to execute special projects for the future, so that they can live their life in self-responsibility.

Especially in refugee camps the medical care comes first. Of course it’s the emergency supply, or the prevention, or the containment of epidemics.
For the future, there have to be new ambitions that will offer a new perspective on life for the concerned people.

This needs active assistance. One should listen to the individual, give psychologic counselling and talk about individual problems. The aim is, to work on a corporate solution, for example to move into another area.

But there are some other possibilities for a helper to do active assistance in a refugee camp.
In such a camp, he can organize donations like furniture, clothes, food, medicine and support to transport it to the place, where it is needed.
He also can help building up the refugee camp, organize and execute the logistics, and of course give a helping hand by searching missing people.

It is very important, that a refugee camp has a good organization. This includes the distribution of dosses and the distribution of needed goods.
For children there has to be an implementation of giving lessons, so that refugee children can, at least, get a minimum level of education.

Active assistance also includes, to bring it closer to the people what they can do, to live their life more and more in individual responsibility. That doesn’t only mean “supply”, that shouldn’t be forgotten, but new aims of life. In fact, refugees often have to start up a new life in a foreign place. To make this process positive, they have to be prepared active and all-embracing. After all, refugees are people like us, and no minor people who can be told dictations for everything.

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