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From the very first day I was able to think, I have always watched people and thought that the people you can see on TV are somehow different from all the others, but soon I was disabused.
Some of them first appeared to be completely different, but in reality, they turned out to be insensitive and inhumane, yet others are truly angels.

We often say money spoils the character, and I think it’s because of this that there are so many wars on earth.
However, the more wars there are, the more do we realise how stupid they are and the bigger the resistance against peace grows, the greater our fight against injustice becomes.
By this time, apparently even the US, or George W. Bush rather, have decided to fight peace. But why? Because of oil? Because of money? Or simply in order to appear powerful on the international stage?

There might be several reasons for it, but apart from this bad example, there are the aforementioned people acting like true angels trying to create a better world.

Some of the celebrities I mean think that it’s very important to establish a basis for humane contact between the people of this world. Some of them even put their message into their music in order to spread their vision. They sing about human rights and the pursuit of liberty, like the German singers Herbert Grönemeyer and Xavier Naidoo, or even like Tupac Shakur who’s worldwide known.

Besides the musicians and many different artists, there are lots of other people who’ve become celebrities through their doings, for example Nelson Mandela, Assata Shakur or Che Guevara. Although their means were or still are highly controversial, in the end, they are people who occupy themselves with human rights and breathe the same wish: the wish for a better future for everyone, like Martin Luther King in his days.

I think, today more than ever, many celebrities act as important examples for the young people who’re more often than not busy watching TV or surfing the internet.
Just like me when I was still young, the youth of today mainly keeps an eye on celebrities. Of course, we at ChildX don’t want to keep back any information from you. So, please have fun discovering this section!

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