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The right education of our children concerns all of us!

The misery children have to suffer in the poorer countries but as well in Germany or other rich industrial nations is something we can see on an almost daily basis in the media. Not everyone of us who wants to ease this pain can be on the spot and help to improve those children’s situation. However, almost everyone is capable of supporting aid organisations to do their important tasks through a smaller or greater donation. Besides securing nourishment and health care, the children’s education rates high and is highly dependend on people’s donation.

A reliable aid project which has been acting for several decades now are the Children’s Villages. There, people don’t content themselves easing misery in the short term. Instead, they provide orphans or children who were left alone with a real surrogate family. Those children are going to have constant caregivers who try their best to replace their own family. Only a real family provides the possibility to appeal to the children deeply and help them becoming confident adults capable of leading a sensible life on their own and of playing their part in easing the world’s pain once they are grown up.

All parents know how difficult child education really can be sometimes. Nobody wants to do anything wrong. Neither do we want to bring up our children too laxly, nor too authoritative, and often we’re at a loss when confronted with our own children’s problems.

Now, if education turns out to be a rather demanding challenge in a completely intact family, then how much more difficult is it for a mother in a Children’s Village who’s caring lovingly not for her own, but for someone else’s children? Those children mostly have experienced terrible fates and not only do they need a loving surrogate mother, but often professional psychological help in addition to that.

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