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An adult person’s character is to a high degree determined by their childhood. Many children are granted a nice and happy childhood which enables them to become a confident and happy adult. There are, however, children who are not granted such a peaceful and light-hearted childhood. Their childhood mostly consists of anxieties, loneliness and the lack of an element that lets children prosper: love.

Children become orphans owing to various reasons. They have no more parents or their parents simply don’t want them any more. Actually, something like this must not exist, yet reality looks different. For this reason, Children’s Villages were founded in some countries. In these villages, children who lost their parents through war or illness are accommodated. But even desperately ill children suffering from AIDS are allowed to find a new home there. The people working in Children’s Villages not only accommodate orphan children and give them something to eat. For many orphans, it’s the first time in their lives, that they realise what it means to be truly loved.

In Children’s Villages, orphans are consoled and hugged and squeezed. The employees of a Children’s Village offer orphans what they have missed in their young lives. For some of the staff members, this can be a major burden on their mind. The success and the laughter of happy children, however, which is only thanks to the members’ hard work, compensates for their exertions. Those people caring for the orphans’ well-being in a Children’s Village often go to the breaking point. But the success and the childrens’ newly-found happiness is worthwhile. Here, many children have the chance to go to school for the first times in their lives and the scared orphans soon realise that they are with others who want to help them and who support them.

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