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Human right – for the dignity of human

Human dignity is inviolable. In every country, behind every border, everywhere in the world. The liberty of human beings, however, which is based on said dignity, is still being trampled on. Civil wars are forcing men and children to use weapons, while women are still being looked upon as inferior goods. Countries and regions which are already suffering from bad climatic circumstances, are not only being oppressed by corrupt rulers, but as well fleeced and deprived of their existence. Even in the proceeding 21th century, human rights for everyone are a mere utopian dream.

Human rights have always been existing during the history of mankind. Their characteristics, however, kept changing over the time. Just like any other kind of rights, they are preceded by a definition which, mainly in the past centuries but even still today, is not completely clear and not accepted by everyone. In the ancient world, human rights were given an important role. It was all about seeing the human being as a whole, yet definitely classify it. Although the philosophical views hat no legal value, they redefined the image of humanity. The idea of humanism already includes statements about justice in daily cooperation between humans.
Such moral and ethic points of view are still found in the basic principles of the world religions and in elementary laws, but the containment of injustice is not only a matter of law.

While there are relatively few violations of human dignity in countries with set human rights, like Germany or the UK, they are the daily business in poorer ones, such as the Third World. Countries reigned by a military dictatorship are among the most seriously affected regions. Peaceful demonstrations are quelled, resulting in many injured people and fatalities, while in other countries, women and children are only worth as much as they can work. The most violations of moral human rights are found in brutal violence which has come out of control.
Civil wars lead to this kind of violence but it also occurs in democratic and economically strong states.

Apart from business-oriented advantages, peoples’ alliances were often established for defence. The basic principles of the United Nations are thus full of hints on the protection of human dignity. Nevertheless, they are not as advanced as the basic laws of several states. Besides uncounted aid organisations, it’s actually up to each and every individual to stand up for human rights. Everyone has a wide range of possibilities to stick up for human dignity with only minimal effort.

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