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What makes us human?

It’s the way from our birth to the transition to adulthood. Babies still see the whole world as a miracle. The moment they are born into this world they already try to imitate everything they see.
Babies see their big brother, their big sister or their parents walk around and they have a vision: they want to able to walk like their parents or siblings. And before they even know what’s going on, they try hard to learn it until they succeed. But what if babies never had the vision to walk on their own two feet? What if we humans had no visions?

A child need only notice a butterfly in order to get into a completely different world: everything around it is a miracle that has to be discovered, no matter how little or unimportant it might be. But what if we didn’t have any visions and the urge to learn, to know and to discover everything?

I think it’s most important to always have a vision and keep it in mind as we pursue it. A child’s view on our world is totally naive. It doesn’t know that this world isn’t flawless, but we know this world a bit better, as we know about all the wars fought on earth. In contrast to children, we do know that this world is not as immaculate as children believe.
But no matter which problems our world has to suffer from, each of us can make a difference – by deciding not to give up their visions and fight for them in the form of resistance. The same resistance we always put up when fighting a force threatening to blind us and trying to silence us.

If we all just listened to the State, wars would never find an end, for our founding fathers already made the mistake to war each other. Yet luckily, violence is totally helpless against love. Many rulers could only manipulate their people by showing them something that simply wasn’t true and used those people’s love in order to increase hatred among them.
No way dedicated to bring love can be pursued by violence and hatred, so it’s vital to keep in mind a positive aim.
No aim involving hatred in any way can be a good aim, no live that serves hatred will ever be able to taste the fruits of peace.
No father of this world may ever watch his child without worrying and admitting that it wasn’t surrounded by any danger coming directly from people’s hatred. Not, if we keep on watching the State keep things firmly in hand.

No politician of this world can make us believe that there is no money for peace, no money for the poor! Just like Mr. Shakur said once: “They got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor.”

I think the most important thing is humanity in form of a vision to make the world a better place.
At ChildX, we’re going to publish our visions step by step, giving you the possibility to find new perspectives worth living for and worth resisting the statement that there’s not enough money for the poor. This vision is a fight against the prospect of keeping on sitting at home watching tv and more and more programmes forcing our hearts to feel hatred.

We must get out and help people, we must strain ourselves for this job, because if we don’t, nothing will change and we won’t be able to create something to change this world!

ChildX – For the children of this world

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