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In Germany and many more industrial nations, if you’re ill, you see a doctor. If the disease is a serious one, you’re brought to hospital and the respective infirmaries supply you with what you need in order to restore your health, no matter if it’s a doctor’s check-up, consultation or medical treatment. You don’t even have to worry about money, for the charges are paid by the health insurance.
But as unbelievable as it may sound, today, there are still countries not providing even the most basic treatment. Especially trouble areas, where war is conducted out of the most stupid reasons, are suffering the most. But thank goodness, there are people who set themselves to help the most distressed.

Those aid organisations have set up infirmaries in various trouble areas, where ill and injured people can find shelter and help. Nobody is rejected there because they are poor and can’t afford medical treatment. To the contrary, the members of aid organisations set themselves to help others out of their misery without receiving any payment or compensation whatsoever. Even German doctors spend their well-deserved annual vacation by going to those aid organisations and offer them their help.

What the people helping there get to see, is often simply too much, but luckily, it doesn’t scare them off. Instead, they continue their fight for the destitute people all over the world: a truly exemplary proceeding. Some contributors of the aid organisations only have limited means to really help the people. The infirmaries are only sparsely equipped, and medication is limited as well.

Those infirmaries are not supported by any state at all, so they are dependent on others’ donations. Many ill people there get to know for the first time in their life what it really means if others are there for you.

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