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Shelter for abused women and childs

Refuges are shared accomodations for women and children who have gone through a lot of cruelty from their husbands (fathers) or someone who lived in a close relationship to them. If you are in that situation you can stay in a refuge as long as you need too. The staff will help you to arrange somewhere else a safe place to stay. Refuges are projects from women for women and their children.
The adresses of such facilities wont be made puplic. Abused women who want to be protected from their husbands and who want to start a new live with their children could receive the telephone numbers of refuges which are close to them from the police or an information center.

The employees at a refuge are usually all women and rarely filled up with men. Social workers, psychologists and lawyers are working in a close cooperation with the women and children. They are helping the often traumatized persons to find a way out of their situation. They help them to deal with their bad experiences and to get new self-esteem so that they can look in a happier future.
The staff emphasize that the women could live a as much self-dependent as possible. In most refuges you will live in an accomodation with many other women which have the same problems. A Kitchen and a few living rooms are often combined with the flats so that they all could share them together. If an employed woman is searching for help she could continue her work. For her children there are special mentoring and therapy programms offered in a refuge.

Refuges are often under the auspices of the church, a community or are self- governed. In both of the situations women and children dont have to raise funds for their habitation. Refuges give a fast help without red tape. Women which need physical and mental protection could start a safe future together with their children without fear and emotional distress. Women for women a conception which allows women to find a nonviolent life.

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